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Amitriptyline is what is called a reuptake inhibitor: this drug prevents the reuptake of the neurotransmitters, substances that transmit signals between nerve cells.
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Product information what is Amitriptyline? For what is it used how do you use the Amitriptyline? Dosage side effects pregnancy/alcohol/capacitde drive


What is Amitriptyline?

Amitriptyline is what is called a reuptake inhibitor: this emphe micament recapture of neurotransmitters — substances that transmit signals between nerve cells. Because neurotransmitters are repeatedly used by nerve cells (recapture), there may sometimes be a purie of these messengers. This will make the transmission of signals between nerve cells more difficult, which can cause complaints such as the dression, migraine headaches and nerve pain. Amitriptyline imine neurotransmitters purie, by which these symptes are decreased.

Why is it used

Amitriptyline (active ingrient: amitriptyline) is often prescribed by the mecins in the case of the nralgie, the migraine or tension MANKA, but can also re utilispour combat other complaints, such as the dression, the disorder of post-traumatic stress and muscle pain.

How do you use the Amitriptyline?

You can take the tabs of Amitriptyline with a little liquid. If easily suffer complaints your stomach, you can take this micament the best during a meal for iter stomach-ache. If you have forgotten take Amitriptyline, you can take it again, unless it is almost time for the next dose. Never take a double dose of Amitriptyline to catch (s) comprims) oblivion


Amitriptyline is available in a pack of 28 tabs 25 mg. The dosage of Amitriptyline is derminpar process bassur your symptes. For some diseases, it is necessary to use this micament during a prolonged piode. The process makes you know how long you take Amitriptyline. Always follow the prescribed dose.

Side effects

With the use of Amitriptyline, side effects can occur, me if ca is not everyone. Side effects report for this micament include:

Drowsiness, ourdissements mouth she Weight Gain most of the side effects disappear after a few weeks, when your body is habituce micament. For a list full of contraindications, warnings and other side effects, read the instructions.

Pregnancy/alcohol/capacitde drive

Do not use the Amitriptyline during the pregnancy, unless the process tells you otherwise. See the process on the use of this micament if you are breast-feeding. Amitriptyline can affect your rctivit especially during the first week you use this way. Take no part in traffic if you feel ourdissements or drowsiness. Alcohol may enhance side effects like the ourdissements. Hold in account and arrez or limit your consumption of beverages alcooliss.


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