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CAVERJECT is a medicine that helps against erectile dysfunction (impotence). The active ingredient is Alprostadil (= prostaglandin E1). This substance is found naturally in the body.
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How to purchase Caverject (Alprostadil) in United Kingdom

Caverject (Alprostadil) is an original medical product mass-produced on the supreme quality equipment documented by ISO 9001:2000. The equipment and ways of production of Caverject (Alprostadil) conform to the standards of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) comprising maintenance of quality standards, control and quality warranty.

Being an actual treatment of Erectile dysfunction, Caverject (Alprostadil) is considered as the prime product provided in the packages of various dosages and quantities. The reason to purchase more units, is in the big savings, you can make. You pay less for each next unit in the package. Regular customers receive 10% discount. In addition, there is an opportunity to get pills for nothing as a gift. Making an order is very simple – you choose the units of the needed dosage and quantity and click Buy Now button in a respective line.

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We assure exceptional manufacturer's warranty for Caverject (Alprostadil) product and propose it as a therapy. Still we urge you to buy Caverject (Alprostadil) online only in cases of firm conviction and diagnosis of having disease and awareness of its possible adverse reactions.

In a different situation we highly advise you to consult a doctor and inquire about possible consequences. We affirm that Caverject (Alprostadil) therapy will not be harmful for your health and wellbeing if used properly and with accordance to the recommended dosage. To learn more about Caverject (Alprostadil) continue exploring additional information.

Product information what is Caverject? In which case the Caverject is used how you use Caverject? Dosage effects when you should not use this micament? Capacitde drive / alcohol


What is Caverject?

CAVERJECT is a micament that helps against erectile ectile (impotence). The active ingrient is Alprostadil (= prostaglandin E1). This substance is found naturally in the body. It dilates the blood vessels and emphe the blood clotting. CAVERJECT is utilissi nerves and blood vessels of the udder does more optimal. It promotes blood circulation in the udder, causing the apart blood in the udder increases. You inject the micament in the ectile of the udder tissue, then apr 5 10 minutes a section occurs.

In which case the Caverject is used

CAVERJECT is utilisen case of ectiles probles. Especially the more s men can y re confrontavec, because the switcher guaranteeing an optimal section no longer work optimal. CAVERJECT is an effective solution. The Dela micament blood vessels in the corpus cavernosum of the pis. They fill with blood causing stiffness of the pis. This fan sexual intercourse is new possible. The advantage of Caverject is that it gives a quick effect and it is y not nessairement need of sexual stimulation is not. Only by injecting the micament, the section is obtained.

How you use Caverject?

Caverject package contains a powder and solvent. You should fill the injection with the solvent and the powder and then shake well. Please read the instructions in advance so that you know exactly how you must administer Caverject. You inject it into the corpus cavernosum and in 5-10 minutes a section occurs. The opation lasts between 30-60 minutes. Don't inject the micament more than once per day and not more than 3 times per week. Use Caverject exactly according to the requirements rise in the record. It is important that injection is made of the stile fan and in the right place. There are certain things that you need to be careful:

Do not inject into visible blood vessels. Do not new when no ection occurs. Dinfectez instead of injection with buffer imbibd' alcohol before injection takes place. Change ruliement of the injection site, for example by alternating the cotgauche and right of the pis to inject.


CAVERJECT and is available in the variants 10mcg/ml and 20mcg/ml. Demir process what dose is right for you. Do not take a double dose.

Side effects

CAVERJECT can possible give side effects. The side effect the more fruent is pain the mod in the udder during the ection. Other side effects may re:

a horragie a feeling of brure feeling of tension in the udder Vertigo in the case of a section persist for 3-6 hours, you should consult an immiatement process.

When shouldn't you use this micament?

You can not use Caverject if you are allergic Alprostadil or abnormalities of the pis (angulation, the pis, the Peyronie's disease pruce rrissement). Heart and lung patients should careful re with the micament. In addition, you should not use this micament in combination with other micaments of ection.

Capacitde drive / alcohol

If you feel warp, it is wise to wait with driving. Don't drink large quantities of alcohol, because it is not conducive the ection.


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