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MALARONE (tablets for malaria) is the most recent and most prescribed drug for travellers. It is used both to prevent malaria and for its treatment.
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MALARONE for malaria

MALARONE (tabs for malaria) is the malaria micament the more rent and most prescribed for travellers. It is utilisla both procedures malaria and its treatment. MALARONE is part of antimalarial drugs. A Malarone comprimde contains two substances (atovaquone and proguanil) which are active against the parasite Plasmodium falciparum. It is the most common cause of malaria infection. The infection is transmitted by mosquitoes (anophes) infected by the parasite said. MALARONE kills the parasite.


Adults and children (> 40 kg): 1 comprimune twice a day. First dose 1-2 before the dart toward osit malaria. Take 1 comprimchaque day la me time with foods rich in fat or milk. Last dose 7 days after the return of the osit malaria area. Children 11-40kg: use of Malarone tabs (62.5 mg). You will find more information on these junior tabs and the mhode for use in the dliant above Malarone. It is child donseillaux of less than 11 kg to take tabs against malaria.

The rotovirus and vomiting

Chills, rotovirus (dealing with the Lopamide tabs) and / or vomiting (dealing with the Moclopramide tabs) may indicate an acute malaria. If these symptes occur less than an hour after ingestion, you must again take a comprimMalarone and consult your process. If necessary, use ORS (ORS sachets). If within 4 months after your return, you have influenza symptes that last more than 2 days, it may indicate the malaria. See a process and tell him that you have in an impalud rion.

Prention against malaria infection measures

A mosquito piqe can re it by wearing protection movements, after the sunset and found the expos with a solar ran skin containing the dihyltoluamide (DEET). In addition, it is conseillde sleep under a mosquito net permhrine imprn. Close the fenres and doors at sunset, for empher the intieur RRs mosquitoes. Mosquitoes bite between the cruscule and the dawn. Over 2000 mres and in the center of big cities, it has no anophes.

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You can buy Malarone via The brochure contains more information on the use and possible side effects. Here, you can easily and in any suritacheter the tabs for prention of malaria. Attention! If you order Malarone Junior for your child, you also bear responsibility and please place the order on behalf of your child.


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