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New contains estradiol and norethisterone, two female sex hormones. This medicine is used as hormone replacement therapy (HRT, or hormone therapy) in postmenopausal women.
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Product information that is new? How to use this micament? How to use new? Dosage side effects in which cases do not use the micament? Alcohol-driving-pregnancy


What is new?

New contains estradiol and norhistone, two hormones sexual finines. This micament is utiliscomme hormone replacement therapy (HRT, or hormone thapie) among women mopauss. New rablit the hormone uilibre and attue thus the disorders of the mopause. This micament is only available on prescription.

How to use this micament?

The mopause starts in women to their 45th ann. D then, the ovaries produce less and less hormones. This can entraer of sant e.g. disorders:

Roles irrulies; Bouffs of heat; Night sweats; Mucous membranes (eyes, mouth or vagina) shes; Anxieties; Dression; Insomnia; Decreased libido; Bone Dalcification (ostporose) new provides the body a supplent of oestroges (estradiol) what multi-centres a decrease of the symptes. On the other hand, new contains a progestin (norhistone) which protect the utus of side effects. This micament is also prescribed to women who have not undergone the utus ablation.

How to use new?

New is livren pads 28 unit: 16 white and 12 roses. You begin each cycle taking the white tabs. These contain only estradiol. Then, you take the pink tabs. These contain estradiol and the norhistone. Also, during the fourth week of the cycle, a horragie of deprivation occurs. Once the plate empty, you start the new brochure me if the bleeding is not finished


Unless your process, the usual dose of new is as follows:

Adult women: 1 comprimpar day. Follow the prescribed doses and read the instructions before use.

Side effects

A hormonal praration as new can cause side effects, inter alia:

Headaches from you; Gastrointestinal disorders; Mrorragies (spotting); Vaginal discharge; Chest tense or painful; Mood changes. If these symptes or other side effects persist, contact the process. Before using new, see the instructions. It mentions important information about serious side effects (such as cancer and thrombosis) li the hormone replacement therapy.

In which cases do not use the micament?

New is a micament that is not all. Do not use this micament if:

You suffer from hypersensibilitl'estradiol, the norhistone or one of the substances active used; You suffer or have suffered from thrombosis, embolism, liver, breast cancer or any other disease cancer sensitive to hormones. You suffer from bleeding vaginal deaths or your lining utine cro abnormally; You have disorders serious blood or federal. The process knows if you take new if you have another condition or if you take the micaments.


New is a micament destinaux women with disorders of the mopause. Women who are still in procrr e must follow the following advice:

This micament is not re taken during pregnancy or breastfeeding, unless instructed otherwise by the process. Attention: New is not a comprimanticonceptionnel! Use a contraceptive supplentaire if this is ave necessary. There is no warning about the conduct and consumption of alcohol in combination with this micament.


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