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Onglyza lowers the level of glucose in the blood. The active ingredient in this medicine is saxagliptin, a DPP-4 inhibitor. Onglyza gives the pancreas more time to produce insulin.
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Onglyza is an original medical product mass-produced on the supreme quality equipment documented by ISO 9001:2000. The equipment and ways of production of Onglyza conform to the standards of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) comprising maintenance of quality standards, control and quality warranty.

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We assure exceptional manufacturer's warranty for Onglyza product and propose it as a therapy. Still we urge you to buy Onglyza online only in cases of firm conviction and diagnosis of having disease and awareness of its possible adverse reactions.

In a different situation we highly advise you to consult a doctor and inquire about possible consequences. We affirm that Onglyza therapy will not be harmful for your health and wellbeing if used properly and with accordance to the recommended dosage. To learn more about Onglyza continue exploring additional information.

Information on the product what is Onglyza? In which case use this micament? How to use Onglyza? Dosage side effects in which cases do not use this micament? Pregnancy / driving /alcool


What is Onglyza?

Onglyza lowers the level of glucose in the blood. The active ingredient in this micament is saxagliptin, a DPP-4 inhibitor. Onglyza gives the pancrs more time to produce insulin. Moreover this gives ideally the body the time to convert the glucose from the meal. This emphe to glucose levels become too high after the meal. You can order Onglyza online. This is quick and easy option to partners of pharmacies. The prescription needed is obtained through an online consultation.

In which case use this micament?

The mecins prescribe Onglyza for diabetes sucrde type 2. It is a form of diabetes in which the pancrs does not produce sufficient insulin and the body only came not enough insulin. The rate of glucose in the blood becomes so too the symptes evet appear as thirst, fatigue, need fruent to pee and a slow Nathan's injury. It is important that diabetes patients maintain their blood sugar in the blood stable. Thus the symptes disappear and complications can re its. Onglyza to obtain a stable glucose level.

How to use Onglyza?

Take the comprimd'Onglyza without mher with a little water. Do this a time taken, entuellement meals for iter's gastrointestinal probles. Have you forgotten hang Onglyza? Do d than you think unless it is almost time to take the next dose. Never take a double dose of Onglyza to compensate the forgotten dose.


You can order Onglyza aupr's partners in various dosages pharmacies online. A process knows what variant is the most adapt to treat your symptes. The roles Wales in terms of determination are:

adults: take once daily 1 tablet in the prescribed dosage. Read this manual before starting use.

Side effects

The use of Onglyza can sometimes cause effects side, although that is not the case for everyone. The side effects known to this micament are among others:

gastrointestinal probles and/or loss of appit; headaches from you; symptes of cold such as sore throat, nose bolt flowing, cough; a sight disorder (in the OTC treatment), dizziness. See the instructions for a complete overview of the possible side effects.

In which cases do not use this micament?

Onglyza is not appropripour everyone. Do not use this micament if you:

ES hypersensitive saxagliptin or one of the other substances used. See a process regarding the use of Onglyza when you: suffer from diabetes type 1. have (had) a disease to the pancrs; use of other micaments decreasing the rate of glucose (such as insulin); suffer from heart disease, kidney or liver or if you have other probles of sant Onglyza has interaction with other micaments. A process knows what micaments cannot re combin with Onglyza. You can find more information in the record in connection with cons indications, drug interactions and warnings.

Pregnancy / driving /alcool

Do not use Onglyza if you are pregnant, if you want to become or if you are breast-feeding. See in these cases a process regarding the use of an another micament decreasing glucose levels. Onglyza can sometimes cause dizziness or poor eyesight. Do not enter traffic if you suffer from one of these symptes. Alcohol influence the sugar level in the blood which may make it too low (hypo). Ruisez or arrez your alcohol intake and never drink alcohol on an empty stomach for iter too big changes in your blood sugar.


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