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With the pH Balance Test you can check your vaginal pH level, the level of acidity in your vagina. If vaginal pH is raised, the normal balance of organisms can be upset, which can lead to vaginal discomfort.
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What is a pH Balance Test?

With the pH Balance Test you can check your vaginal pH level, the level of acidity in your vagina. If vaginal pH is raised, the normal balance of organisms can be upset, which can lead to vaginal discomfort. The pH Balance test is quick, easy and completely painless. You can read the results directly after the test is performed. The pH Balance Test is available without a prescription.

What is this test used for?

A good pH balance protects the body from bacteria and other foreign micro-organisms. Various factors such as excessive washing with soap, sexual intercourse, hormonal fluctuations or medicine use can alter the pH balance in the vagina. A pH level above 4.5 leads to excessive growth of fungi and bacteria, which makes you more susceptible to bacterial vaginosis or candida. These conditions cause uncomfortable vaginal symptoms such as:

Itching, irritation or burning; An increase in vaginal discharge or foul-smelling discharge; Vaginal dryness. Bacterial vaginosis can be dangerous for pregnant women because it increases the risk of a premature birth. The pH Balance test allows you to check if you have a healthy vaginal pH balance. The test is recommended after the use of antibiotics, and for pregnant women and women with problems in the intimate area.

How to use the pH Balance Test

The pH Balance Test is very easy to use. Read the package leaflet carefully before performing the test. This is how the test is carried out:

Wash and dry your hands; Remove the test applicator from the packaging. Touch the applicator on the round gripping area only. Hold the applicator at its gripping area between thumb and index finger; Gently insert the applicator into the vagina but make sure you do not exceed the round gripping area (see instructions in the package leaflet); Slightly press the inserted applicator against the rear vaginal wall for 10 seconds to ensure the pH measuring zone is well moisturised; Carefully remove the vaginal applicator from the vagina; Upon removing the applicator immediately read off your result. Compare the colour of the pH measuring zone with the colour scale on the packaging. If the pH measuring zone is insufficiently moisturised with vaginal fluid, the measuring zone has a non-uniform colour. In this case, you should repeat the test once again with the same or another applicator. The test kit contains materials for multiple tests.

Results of the pH Balance Test

If you pH value exceeds the normal value, please repeat the test after a few hours or the following day. If the pH is then again higher than normal, consult your doctor for further examination and possible treatment. If your pH value is normal but your vaginal symptoms do not improve, you should also talk to your doctor.

Side effects

The pH Balance Test has no side effects.

When not to use the test

The pH Balance Test is not suitable for use in young girls. Do not carry out the test if you are having your period or after showering or urinating as this may adulterate your results. Wait 12 hours before testing if you have used vaginal medication or have had sexual intercourse. For more information on factors that may adulterate your results, see the package leaflet. Do not use the test if the expiration date on the box has passed.


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