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Spedra is a new drug for erection. The active ingredient of Avanafil is a phosphodiesterase inhibitor, a medicine that affects blood flow to the penis. This medication causes that erection problems are removed temporarily, making possible satisfactory sexual actions again.
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How to purchase Spedra in United Kingdom

Spedra is an original medical product mass-produced on the supreme quality equipment documented by ISO 9001:2000. The equipment and ways of production of Spedra conform to the standards of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) comprising maintenance of quality standards, control and quality warranty.

Being an actual treatment of Erectile dysfunction, Spedra is considered as the prime product provided in the packages of various dosages and quantities. The reason to purchase more units, is in the big savings, you can make. You pay less for each next unit in the package. Regular customers receive 10% discount. In addition, there is an opportunity to get pills for nothing as a gift. Making an order is very simple – you choose the units of the needed dosage and quantity and click Buy Now button in a respective line.

Spedra is delivered to United Kingdom without delay or customs issues. The shipping of the product is carried out in well-packed parcels containing no information about the recipient and the content. The same way is applied to the bank statement of the customer which will not contain the product name.

We assure exceptional manufacturer's warranty for Spedra product and propose it as a therapy. Still we urge you to buy Spedra online only in cases of firm conviction and diagnosis of having disease and awareness of its possible adverse reactions.

In a different situation we highly advise you to consult a doctor and inquire about possible consequences. We affirm that Spedra therapy will not be harmful for your health and wellbeing if used properly and with accordance to the recommended dosage. To learn more about Spedra continue exploring additional information.

Product information what is the Spedra? In which case the micament is used how you use the Spedra? Dosage effects when you should not use this micament? Pregnancy and breastfeeding/capacitde drive / alcohol


What is the Spedra?

Spedra is a new section micament. The active ingrient Avanafil is an inhibitor of the phosphodiestase, a matuwane that affects blood flow to the pis. This micament causes the probles of ection are temporarily deleted, making possible new satisfactory sexual actions. Spedra runs faster than most other pills of ection: within 20-30 minutes after this ection pill you're able to get a section. This allows you to more quickly apprier sex more spontan

In which case the micament is used

Spedra is prescribed for erectile ectile, also known as the impotence or erectile ectile (DE). With this condition the pis becomes not stiff during sex acts, malgrl' excitement. The cause: a deficiency of blood flow in the udder through which blood does not accumulate enough in the udder. Spedra cause of argir blood vessels, allowing more blood to flue toward the ectile tissue. The bad new become a good section.

How you use the Spedra?

Take the comprimSpedra half an hour before you want to sexually active re. This ection micament works only in combination with sexual arousal. The micament is faster if you take it on an empty stomach, but can also re taken before, during or after a meal. When you take it after a meal, then it may take a little more time before the Tablet is.


Spedra is available in tabs of 50mg, 100mg and 150mg. Demir process what dosage is prescribed for you. less than the process tells you otherwise, the recommended dosage is as follows:

Adults from 18 years old: 1 comprimdu prescribed dosage, half an hour before the OTC sexual act. Maximum daily dose: 1 tabs in the manual you can read more about the dosage of this ection micament.

Side effects

Spedra can, like any other micaments, give side effects, inter alia:

Headaches from you; Blush; Nose Bob; ourdissements, fatigue, drowsiness; Blurred vision or other probles symptes of the eye. Do you suffer many side effects, see the process. Read the instructions before use for a list full of possible side effects.

When shouldn't you use this micament?

Spedra is not a micament of suitable section for everyone. Do not use this micament when:

You are hypersensitive to the Avanafil or any of the excipients in the tabs you are a woman or younger than 18 years old; You use micaments that contain nitrates, you take micaments against HIV and AIDS, or when you use antifungal micaments (the process knows what micaments is it). You suffer abnormalities its one of the bodies; You suffer, or have suffered, cardiac, vascular or ocular probles. Spedra interacts with some micaments. Please therefore always to the process what other micaments that you use. This fan, you the effects emphez side dagrbles or other complaints. Please read the instructions in the package for a list full of contraindications and warnings.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding/capacitde drive / alcohol

Spedra cannot utilispar women. This ection micament can give side effects such as fatigue, the ourdissements and disorders of vision. If you are suffering from, do not enter circulation. Alcohol can cause and exacerbate the side effects such as dizziness. In addition, it inhibits the capacitectile. Thus, modez or arrez your drinking if you take Spedra.


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